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Since 2010 our family business has been linked to building an income asset that uses the Internet. The significant part of the business model we insist upon is helping others to develop to their fullest potential through their own family-owned business.

About us = we use a short film here with key points introduced

  1. Nil staff
  2. Nil lease requirements
  3. Nil stock holding
  4. Nil accountancy – bas statements eg
  5. Predictable business system that has been based upon the observation of 100’s of businesses over 40 years


Business model principal

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki’s believes the best model business is of your own IF you can do it without investment risk or major time commitment. That’s where we come in! We provide those who are interested in making their lives very special a pathway that works.


A Web-Based Business

Why a Web-Based business? Think of it, linking hundreds of millions of computers together at the speed of light for the cost of a few cents! You have instant access to vast amounts of information with ease. It is amazing now that you and millions of people like you think nothing of purchasing everyday products over the internet.

For the retail customer, the internet makes such good sense-

1. You can find the right item you want quickly without leaving your seat

2. You can compare prices instantly with driving here and there

3. You can have items delivered conveniently. No looking for parking spots.

4. No waiting in lines.

5. You can avoid also those “impulse purchases” lurking inside the door of the store.

6. Home delivery


Using the best marketing tool in the world

The best way to promote a product or service is to have a trusted friend  share with you their pleasure about something they experienced- a good bargain, an enjoyable restaurant, an entertaining movie! It’s called Word of Mouth Advertising and it works well. Moreover, you can get paid for doing it BIG TIME.  Imagine going to Harvey
Norman and buying a computer. They inquire how you knew of their sale. You mention your friend’s name and they promptly deposit a bonus to your friends bank account. This does happen!!  Where can you get that deal? We have it with hundreds of web partners (Telstra, Aussie Farmers, Hertz and many more) and exclusive product suppliers. We generate over $11 billion a year, these arrangements will only get better.


Research & Development = QUALITY

Retail products you buy through the store have deception built in. Aimed at customers who look for the largest quantity for the least cost, manufacturers dilute their liquids, pack their powders, and use the least expensive and often dangerous ingredients to compete with the others who all do the same. They rely on advertising, packaging, and promotions to move their products. They even try to lure you back with that “new and improved” gag.

Our products are promoted by those that use them and have to be the best value possible. Our own manufacturer spends more money on R & D than all its major competitors combined.  It pays off! People trust our products. They work and they usually cost less per use at the retail price.  It’s a no brainer.


What’s in the costs?

You’ve heard it before “You Get What You Pay For.” What does that mean? Buying those things you forgot to pack at an airport or hotel means you’ll pay high prices in desperation for the items you left behind. In convenience stores you’ll pay more for the chance to get something close or at late hours. In discount warehouses you’ll pay for the unknown brands in mega sizes and browsing through a no-frills dump. What about going for the generic or house brands instead of the national names at the supermarket?  If cost is all you’re thinking about, you are going to pay.

What you should be looking for is NOT COST BUT VALUE.

The products that work the best, last the longest, for the most reasonable price. That’s value!

The proof of the pudding is that our clients and associates continue what they think is a good value, making our brands the leader in product loyalty in their industries. Why not quit being deceived by the cost-manipulators and go for effective values?


Earn an income doing what You normally Do!

You do something regularly that you could get well paid for doing if only you knew how.  You already buy products and services!  Every time you buy something people make money- retailers, wholesalers, advertisers, manufacturers! By building your Internet business you can directly make the % that is the retail markup by buying at the discounted price. Since you do not have the store’s overhead, that’s all savings. You can set yourself up as a business and deduct many ordinary expenses your from your taxable income.

You can even get some of the money that wholesalers enjoy (25-30%).

We have structured our business into a monthly cash rebate on accumulated frequent shoppers points. The more points the higher the percentage of cash rebate you get, just like the wholesalers volume discounts.


The Perfect Business

Robert Kiyosaki, the street-smart author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, says the ideal way to earn money is in your own business, if you can do it without risking capital and time. He told a Network 21 audience in Sydney that he thought our format might be “the Perfect Business.” It certainly seems to be since 86% of the companies in the Direct Selling Association have now followed our 50-year-old approach. For the individual wanting to start up a business, what’s not to like? Look at these features:

  • No Capital Investment at Risk
  • No Employees or obligations
  • No Location Overhead (rent, utilities)
  • No Insurance, licenses, fees
  • No inventory requirements
  • No quotas, minimums
  • Legal & technical services provided
  • Personal web market provided
  • Personal assistance available 24/7
  • Corporate 100% Guarantees
  • Highly-awarded fulfillment service
  • Extensive Exclusive Product lines
  • Access to Global Markets
  • Affiliation with Web Partners
  • Home-based business tax advantages
  • Unlimited income potential

Other things come to mind, but what Kiyosaki brought out as his favorite feature is that “Every one has a Mentor who will hold your hand and walk you through the development of a business. Where do you get that anywhere in the business world today?”


How Big is your Dream?

Whats the Most Important Decision you ever Made?

The Power of a Dream in your life; what would that be worth?

We are all busy, when are you too old?

Is this it?  The Purpose of Your Life!!

Is there really a Secret to Success?

A Check-Up from the Neck Up


Man is created by Thought,  What a man thinks, so he becomes
He sows a thought and reaps an action, He sows an action and reaps a habit
He sows a habit and reaps a destiny, He has made his destiny by his Thinking
By right thinking he can master destiny


How do you take charge of your thinking? Zig Ziglar says, “Daily You need a Check-up from the neck up.” To often we surrender control of our thinking and mood to others, circumstances, media news and entertainment. Unless you want other things to determine your life, you need to pay attention to what goes into your head. As one wag said, “Use your head or someone else will use it for you.”


Reading 15 minutes a day in an inspiring non-fiction book or story and listening to a recommended audio an hour a day in your car or kitchen is a good start. But be sure to seek positive friends and avoid negative associates and the news/entertainment media which by nature focus on the negatives of life. Choose your friends wisely because in time you will become more and more like they are. It’s your life!


We simply ask you what do you want.  That’s what its all about.  You see we have been around the world and seen so many things.  Some good, some not so, some brilliant.  We can tap into vehicles that provide access to health & wellness, technology, financial intelligence and positive lifestyle opportunities.

WE had represented our country between us in 5 Paralympic Games where Priya won 9 Gold, 4 silver and two bronze medals.  We were successful!  But for our family financially and personally we wanted more.

We want time AND $$.  Quite often people have one or the other but rarely both.  So we were looking, ARE YOU?

We were over of having to ask our boss whether we can take time off for a holiday or even to be with a sick family member.

What is the most precious thing in the world…TIME

Do you ever ask yourself; is this as good as it gets.

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Just have a look at the calendar above.  Think about this day, the next day and so on.  Do you ever wonder where you will be in 5 years from today?  Have another look at that calendar now; does it look different when you think differently?


Why Choose Us?

Great question; why would you.  Is this is as good as it gets…have you ever asked yourself that!

You don’t know us, we have never met so why would you have any trust in us.  Why choose us; simply because you will never pay us and we offer just the opportunity for you to work with.  We will give as much as you ask for and leave you alone as much as you want.  You see it worked for us; its not our lifestyle in question, its yours.