What is PRAssociates Personal Concierge Services?

Think of us as your very own personal assistant, but for the home, not the office. We help you achieve the balance between what you have to do and what you want to do.

What services are on offer?

Just ask us, and if I can do it I will.  As well as all the mundane everyday tasks such as grocery shopping etc etc etc we can also assist, plan and coordinate Just take a look at the services page for a more in-depth list of services. Remember though, this list is not exhaustive.

How does the service work?

All begins with a face to face consultation. At this meeting we listen to you and from there we can target what you think we can be of service to you.  We have an extensive network so we know what professionals to connect with to make your time effective.  From there we discuss how to manage your time in relation to the service you are after.

What does the service cost?

Well it will never be out of your price as all services are negotiable.  Whether you need a concierge by the hour, on a weekly basis, whatever I am sure we can work it out.  This business works best on a mutually beneficial level so it is up to us all to come to sum that we are good to go with.

It’s a new industry; how will it assist you?

By using the services of PRAssociates Personal Concierge Services you will have more time to do the things that are important to you.

Who should use the service?

Time is the key; there is only 168 hours in a week regardless of whether you are young, senior, wealthy or starting out.  Those who succeed in their goals and quests understand the value of time.  So the answer is anyone who has a dream, a reason to achieve an outcome where their time is spent on what matters the most to them.

Look at the tasks below and think; how valuable is your time?

For the home:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking to stock your freezer
  • Arranging a regular cleaner
  • Occasional cleans
  • Decluttering
  • Taking care of your dry cleaning
  • Christmas decorations
  • Gift shopping
  • Rental inspection preparation

For wellness:

  • Arrange Hair & Beauty appointments
  • Source & purchase your
favorite beauty products
  • Arrange spa days
  • Source and arrange a personal trainer

For travel:

  • Destination research
  • Itinerary planning
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Arrange transfers at destination
  • Collect mail and water plants
while you are away

For a party:

  • Research and plan a theme
  • Source fancy dress costumes
  • Arrange catering
  • Get house “party ready”
  • Coordinate invitations and RSVP’s
  • Arrange flowers, photographers, entertainment
  • Arrange post party clear up
and thank you notesDestination research

For the kids:

  • Shopping for seasonal wardrobes
  • New school uniforms and equipment
  • Research dance / music / horse
riding lessons

For your pets:

  • Arrange pet sitting
  • Dog walking
  • Arrange kennels etc.
  • Transport and accompany pets
to vet appointments
  • Arrange grooming

For your transport:

  • Organise vehicle servicing
  • Organise vehicle valeting

For the bachelor:

  • Arrange tickets to sporting events
  • Bucks party planning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Date night cooking (leave in fridge)
  • Gift shopping

Home from hospital:

  • Regular visits
  • Meals on wheels
  • Light housework
  • Running errands

Home from holiday:

  • Freshen up the house
  • Turn heating / hot water /
air-conditioning on
  • Fill the fridge
  • Sort out all the holiday
washing & ironing

Elderly relatives:

  • Regular visits
  • Meals on wheels
  • Light housework
  • Running errands

Some you didn’t think of!

  • Writing & sending Christmas cards
  • Organise a surprise weekend getaway
  • Baking for the school cake sale
  • Organise and deliver corporate Christmas gifts
  • Get your house ready for rental
  • Relocating to Perth provide a city report based on your family’s needs.
  • Arrange pest control

A small price to pay for a better lifestyle. We can help you.

Fees & Pricing Structure

Fee structure = what you think is fair for what you want us to do for you.  All services are negotiable.

Read our Terms & Conditions.

  • We provide our service 24/7
  • Fees are negotiated face to face when we meet to plan our service to your needs
  • Services are non transferable
  • Third party supplier costs will be included within our negotiated fee structure
  • Travel costs will be included within our negotiated fee structure

Payment can be made via PayPal, cash, or bank transfer