Rod Bonsack ADM

Rod BonsackRod Bonsack hails from Ararat, Victoria. Raised in a rural town, Rod did all the things all “normal people” did as a kid, he played sport, went to school, played more sport, did odd jobs after school and played more sport.  At 17 Rod joined the Royal Australian Air Force and proceeded upon a career in engineering; all very “normal”.

In November 1987 Rod was involved in a unique aircraft accident that severed both of his legs above the knee.  His recount of this time in clarity is chilling in detail and delivered to selected audiences provides an illumination of what the vast majority of the population take for granted.

In Adelaide 1989 Rod with the help of friends and a library book on “how to swim” took the plunge into a swimming pool. Here Rod will take any and all audiences on a journey that brims with stories he delivers from the experiences he gained. From very humble beginnings to his representing Australia at the 1989 FESPIC games in Japan, 1992 Barcelona Paralympic Games, FESPIC games in Beijing and the World Swimming Championships in Malta 1994, 1995 in the Pre-Paralympic Swimming Trials in Atlanta and the 10th Paralympic Games in Atlanta in 1996.

With the hours of long, hard training Rod went from success to success, winning gold medals and breaking national records that he still currently holds.
Rod then set his sights on a career as a nationally recognised swimming coach firstly at Swan Hills Swimming Club and presently at the Arena Swim Club. In his capacity Rod has provided inspiration to young people from ages 8 to 38 in learning new skills, overcoming tragedy, obstacles and challenges of all descriptions. His driving goal is to “Make a Difference” to all he meets.

Rod resides in Perth, WA with his wife Priya, daughter Olivia and sons Zachary and Harrison. As a true team Rod and Priya run a global business helping others to achieve their dreams in all areas of life.

Rod has addressed corporate and government conferences and events in Adelaide and has conducted many presentations to schools in Perth and rural WA.

Rod is a dynamic motivational speaker. In his presentation titled ‘Going MaD & Success is a Choice’ he reminds us that any dream, large or small, personal or corporate, can come true with the strength of sheer determination.

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Personal Testimonials

“He has a very humorous and sociable personality that quickly endows Rod to those that get to hear him.  As a person he’s a “good bloke” who can be described as the type people would say you would want in the trenches.”
Paul Nayler, Detective Sergeant – W.A. Police Force
“It may do with Rod having a disability that enables him to be able to communicate with people of all persuasions.  With Rod there is much more than just a swim coach.  He teaches the young about commitment, loyalty and responsibility.  His manner is straight down the line with uncompromising honesty to himself and to those that utilize his skills. Rod is a person who will infuse those around him with a determination to succeed.”
Robert (Bob) Myles, Managing Director - MGCS
“Rod Bonsack visited Kalgoorlie-Boulder for events leading up to the Internation Day for People with Disabilities, held on 1st and 2nd December 2006. He spoke at a number of the events, and was very inspirational to the audiences.
In particular, his presentation to the mature business leaders of Kalgoorlie-Boulder was dynamic, and his talk to a large group of students had them captivated for the entire session. He spoke about making a difference to others, giving them examples from his life, and encouraged them to approach their future with optimism.
Rod’s communication skills are excellent, and his outlook on life is extremely positive. I observed this positivity rubbing off on those around him, leaving them feeling as though they could achieve more in their lives.
I enjoyed the two days spent with Rod, and was impressed by the effect he had on those he spoke to. I believe his public speaking skills would suit a wide variety of audiences and his ability to lower and raise the tempo of his presentation capture all who attend.
I would recommend him for any public speaking engagement, and believe he would stimulate a wide variety of audiences. I would be keen to create the opportunity to use his skills again in the future.”
Robin, Coordinator - Kalgoorlie Boulder Volunteer Centre