Rod SwimmingThursdays were always payday in the “old days”.  the days when you were paid cash into your hot little kit and then sorted it out with jam jars to get thru to the next pay day.  pay day was followed by pub day, then the weekend, onto duh day then I’m waking up day onto hump day then off pay day back to pub night with a weekend to budget for with a grump duh day with light towards pay day with leftovers day before pay day.

todays thursdays = wake, school, physio with a split towards netball then dinner onto martial arts followed by showering inside 3 minutes before tucking the little darts into beddy byes so you can do school then maccas onto a weekend of taxiing kiddies to sports, horse riding and any other recreational outing that a grommet can fit into a day while those who had them look on with loving eyes full of charm and desolate tiredness that can only be saved by a strict juncture that sunday morning will be null before 10am.